[FCIS] Importing part2 OS project for 3rd year students

This Post is for third year students in FCIS, Its a simple step by step how-to for adding the part2 project to eclipse and its run configuration.

import menu

select "import..." from the file menu in eclipse

choose "Existing Projects into Workspace"
import screen

Navigate to the place having the projects, most probably it will be like the one in the screenshot but the last folder name is different to be FOS_2013 or FOS_2012

import screen

Uncheck all the other projects except the one you need "Part2" and press "Finish"


Run configuration

Select the project called part2 and edit its run configurations

New Run configuration

click that icon at the left top to create a new configuration

Run Configuration Main

Fill the fields as in the screenshot

Run Configuration Arguments

In the "Arguments" tab add "-q"

After that, click "Run" and finish your assignment and you will find us waiting :)

i have an error in saving a project error is"Parent of resource: /home/os/FOS_2013/original_code/part1/kern/command_prompt.c is marked as read-only. /home/os/FOS_2013/original_code/part1/kern/command_prompt.c (Permission denied) " any help please
You shouldn't edit the code in the folder called "original_code", The only place you can edit is "FOS_2013/part1", not "FOS_2013/original_code/part1"